how much are website copywriting rates the complete guide

A good website copywriter can create compelling content and optimize your site for search engines. In modern times, content creation is held in high regard. We all want to ensure quality web copywriting to help gather more attention to our websites and online presence.

But, how much should premium website copywriting services cost? If you’re looking for a short answer, the average price varies between $25 and $25,000 per order. Website copywriting rates vary depending on the content requirements and team. Freelancers would usually be cheaper than a professional copywriting agency.

With that being said, if you’re looking to learn more about website copywriting services, you’re in luck. In today’s post, we’ll discuss all there is to website copywriting rates and the differences between the rates charged by freelancers and content writing companies.

What is Website Copywriting?

Before we get into costs and rates, it’s worth discussing what a website copywriter does. Unlike traditional copywriting, web copywriting can be considered a unique playing field. Unlike marketing brochures, printable materials, or company manuals, website copywriters are expected to build SEO-optimized, persuasive, and convincing web copy.

Good copy on a website must highlight the features and benefits of a product or service, making potential customers want to know more about the company’s offerings. As an example, research shows that most website visitors skim through web pages, scanning for relevant information and keywords and phrases. A good website copywriter must be able to convey these key points quickly and effectively.

This entails developing premium content that would boost search rankings and improve website traffic. The goal is to get your website to rank on the first page of search engines, increase visibility and improve click-through rates. Knowing that only 25% of users go on to the second page of search results, this is a particularly vital process for driving website visits.

Types of Website Copywriting

types of website copywriting

That being said, website copywriting is still a diverse field. It comes with varying types of copywriting projects, so you can expect fluctuating hourly website copywriting rates or per-project costs. The following are a few common types of website copywriting.

1.Blog Copywriting

Blogging is the one of most well-known website copywriting services today. It is considered the backbone of any online presence, and blog posts are often the easiest way to rank specific keywords. Companies use blogs to drive more qualified traffic to their websites, build internal links, and deal with SEO rankings. Due to the immense responsibilities these strategies entail, you can expect the website copywriting rate of blogging to be a hefty $275 to $350 per blog post.

2. SEO Copywriting

As mentioned earlier, SEO copywriting would help take search-oriented keywords into account while developing web copy. They exist to optimize keywords related to an industry or to have a high traffic volume.

Other than that, SEO web copywriting also provides gap analysis. In this process, copywriters would find “gaps” in websites. These are pages that lack better-ranked content, leading to their competitors winning crowds over during SEO rankings.

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3. Landing Page Copywriting

Landing pages count as product pages, local pages, home pages, or similar sale-based content sites. They come with services that provide one-of-a-kind features for e-commerce stores, and they are needed by practically any and all businesses.

Landing pages are the foundations of any content webpage writing. Companies trust only the most experienced freelancers and writing agencies for these jobs. So, you can expect a pricey website copywriting rate of about $300 to $800 per page.

5 Factors Determining Web Copywriting Services

The following are a few features that go into determining website copywriting rates.

1. Complexity

This is probably an obvious reason for varying rates of website copywriting. A few topics are simply more complex than others. For example, it could take 7 hours on a technical article but only 3 hours on a blog with a similar word count. Depending on the niche, engaging content for some topics just needs more research and understanding of industry terms. This cannot be accomplished by anyone; it needs more specialized attention.

2. Experience

As with any industry, experienced workers would be more valued than newbies in website copywriting. In almost all cases, experience correlates with quality. Copywriting companies or freelancers who have been writing for over a year will charge much more than someone who is just starting out.

3. Scope and Size

Price can also change depending on the size of a project. For instance, bigger projects can take one to two months to complete. If a writer has to commit to a project for that long, it’d only make sense that their rates compensate for the workload they deliver.

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4. Turnaround time

When you rush quality work, you’re bound to expect some repercussions. In particular, the best copywriters plan their workloads months in advance. If you want to do business with professional website copywriters on a time crunch, you shouldn’t be surprised by any extra charges.

These charges or rates are known as rush fees, and they are a payment for copywriters to submit work ahead of standard deadlines. They apply to almost all urgent projects and are considered adequate compensation for the lack of notice.

5. Miscellaneous Fees

If you want a video, graphics, or similar visual aids done, this would all cost you extra money. Whether it’s in the form of a chat, infographic, interactive content, or professional image, it’s hard to find good content delivered at low rates. All these tasks take skill and time, so they would all have their respective costs. These charges would then be factored into the final website copywriting rate.

Freelancer or Agency?

With all that being said, you might still be wondering what kind of copywriter would be the most suitable for your business or project needs. Should you opt for a copywriting agency or freelancers?

Well, for starters, agencies would usually charge more than a freelancer. But, in most cases, these extra costs are worth it as they guarantee secure communication, work within deadlines, and general efficiency.

With freelancers, it’s more of a hit or miss. Despite being more affordable, you can never vouch for their quality or work ethic. Since they are not bound by contract most times, they might just disappear without so much as a notice. In the worst case, freelancers can end up being unreliable, impeding your project’s workflow and deadlines.

On the other hand, freelancers can be the more economical alternative of the two, especially for website copywriting. Although they might not be as reliable as a professional content writing company, this shouldn’t be an issue for one-off projects. However, if you have a continuous flow of work, an agency has the experience and expertise needed to back up quality content to present to your audience.

How to Make a Wise Copywriting Investment?

how to make a wise copywriting investment

The key to a wise copywriting investment is trust. If you believe in the services you are paying for, this reflects in your vendor’s abilities. It’d help you create web pages that would delight and dazzle visitors while meeting your digital marketing goals. It wouldn’t matter what the website copywriting rate is, as long the content is worth the price.

This is especially true for dealing with freelancers. We recommend choosing freelancing writers only on referrals or your prior experience working with them. You need to be confident in their abilities and their commitment to delivering high-quality content on time. You should have the assurance that they’d reply on time, provide value for money, and act professionally.

Moreover, this also entails adequate planning and research into tone, content, and related variants. You need someone who shares the same creative aspects while developing compelling headlines, product names, taglines, and web copy.

The Bottom Line – Website Copywriting Rates

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a website copywriter is that you don’t have to pay a dedicated SEO specialist to make sure your website ranks well on search engines. Experienced website copywriters are usually more reliable, produce higher-quality copy, and can skip the hassle of unusable first drafts. For example, you’ll save money if you hire a website copywriter with over 30 years of direct response copywriting experience.

While website copywriting rates vary widely, there are several factors that determine the final price. The scope of the project, the complexity of the content, the industry, and the writer’s experience all play a role. Experienced website copywriters charge more than newbies, but it’s worth the cost because they often deliver higher-quality copy than the latter.

A website is your virtual storefront. It should be easy to navigate, have optimal functionality, and offer a premium user experience. Without good, strategic content, it won’t be effective. This is where we come in.

At One Content Pro, we offer everything needed for getting the job done efficiently. Whether it’s custom writing, editing, website copywriting services, or dealing with quick turnaround times, we’d help satisfy your every need. You can hire our website content writers to help you create solid, unique, and high-quality content for your website. You’ll be glad you did!

Contact us today for a free estimate on our website copywriting rates!

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