how to hire the best seo content writers the complete guide

Over time, the Internet has become larger than anyone could have ever expected. In particular, with an extensive developing focus on marketing, SEO content writers are much in demand these days. They help ensure that brands and businesses have a fighting chance in the rapidly-evolving marketplace, guaranteeing high-quality, web-focused content.

Yet, with these positions becoming more and more common, it is worth asking how we can prove if someone’s capable of quality SEO content writing. If you are looking for a straightforward answer, the easiest way to hire a content writer is to choose someone with a deep understanding of content strategy, the ability to adapt their writing styles, and a keen sense of search engine optimization (SEO).

In today’s article, we will look into further detail of what to aim for when hiring an SEO content writer.

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Why is SEO Content Writing Important?

Before we discuss anything, we need to evaluate what makes SEO content writing so crucial in the first place.

Whenever you type queries on Google, you’d receive a list of results. The top-most results would come with ads. Google ranks these ads according to the Cost Per Click (CPC). CPCs are defined as the amount someone would pay Google for boosting a keyword during advertising campaigns. This doesn’t usually cost a lot, but the prices vary with SEO difficulty and search volume. In general, your expectations should be around $6-10.

However, these campaigns are only effective when they’re consistent. Plus, you’d need your content to come with excellent graphics, videos, and text. Coupled with the cost of hiring, you could see yourself spending thousands of dollars.

As a result, companies try to cheat the system by using SEO content writing. These utilize similar keywords as CPC-paid content but have a higher-ranked search result without as much trouble. Though ads would still be the top result, SEO content competes for a close second place.

Why Do We Need to Hire an SEO Content Writer?

why do we need to hire an seo content writer

Since all you’re doing is using the keywords of CPC-paid content, you might think that hiring a new writer is unnecessary. Although, this isn’t really all there is to it. SEO-based content depends on numerous factors and can influence your search results drastically.

For example, it has been noted that 47% of consumers view at least three to five content pieces before discussing sales. And, from a marketing standpoint, 72% of marketers view SEO tactics as the most efficient.

Not to mention, SEO content writing is no easy task. It is estimated that a 500-word blog cold takes up to 4 hours to complete! In an adapting market, who even has the much time for that? In addition, Google usually expects long-form 2000+ words for articles, which could take a writer 15 hours or more per blog post.

6 Qualities of a Professional SEO Content Writer

Content writers struggle daily to make sure every blog or article is up to standard. They do this in several ways, some of which are included below:

1. Avoiding Keyword Stuffing

The mark of a good content writer is someone who can efficiently use keywords. In particular, Google and professional writers shun keyword stuffing. This is an unhealthy practice, which manipulates a search engine for better web traffic.

The practice can harm a business due to an unnatural flow of content. It doesn’t help industries, as customers would leave pages as soon as they land on them. In essence, these pages sacrifice quality for more attention.

2. Capable of Editing their Content

The note of a first-rate SEO writer is being able to edit and delete the right words. These writers would use programs like Word or Google Docs to underline words in red. This indicates that these words or sentences need to be revised to meet a client’s specific standards.

Plus, experienced blog writers would derive further help from writing and editing tools, such as Grammarly’s free and premium versions. This provides them with more insight into where they’re going wrong in their writing and why.

3. Solid SEO Writing Technique

Understand that SEO writing is not a skill for everyone. To hire the best content writers, you have to be bold and direct in inquiring about their SEO writing procedures. Test them on their value of keyword density. And make sure they’re familiar with respective keyword research tools and strategies.

The following are a few questions you could ask a potential candidate during an interview:

  • “Are you familiar with writing Meta descriptions and titles?”
  • “What experience do you have in SEO content writing?”

4. Research Abilities

Research is a crucial skill for writing one-of-a-kind content. Discovering reliable sources and integrating them into writing is a reoccurring trait among SEO content writers. And according to a survey done by SurveyMonkey, 82% of adult readers indicated that they prefer data-based articles over opinion-based ones.

5. Engaging Content

Companies and writers often forget that readability and expertise are valued over functionality. You have to remember that Google uses actual humans to grade content. As a result, you have to upload this content with the hope of approval.

In essence, an ideal writer is determined by the creativity and talent for the craft. They value their writing and are capable of keeping readers engaged. So, you’d want to hire a content writer capable of informing, guiding, and educating readers in a specific action.

6. Consistency

consistency is the key

To help bring it all together, a writer needs to be consistent with these qualities. Their writing must never involve plagiarism, and it must always appropriately communicate concepts to a target audience. They need to confirm the research tools used in their writing process. And, they must create content that flows easily among search engine rankings and has a positive influence on potential clients.

Freelance or In-House?

When you want to hire SEO content writers, there are two possible routes you could take; you could either go for an in-house or freelance writer. They both have their own pros and cons, some of which are discussed below.


An in-house writer is an ideal alternative if you have the budget and time for a full-time employee. They would be treated as part of your company, and you’re usually guaranteed consistent writing. They are ideal for publishing across multiple mediums. And, over time, these writers develop a deeper understanding of what your company expects.

Not to mention, hiring in-house writers would make sure you’re always ready to produce quality content. There’s no need to worry about missing crucial coverage or needing to come up with a last-minute order.


Freelancers are more like vendors. There’s no overhead cost for training, insurance, permanent salaries, or HR. However, they would need extra guidance on your writing standards, workflow, and division of duties. Yet, with that being said, the process is really smooth at providing premium content at affordable rates.


Hiring SEO content writers saves so much time and energy. They make everything a lot simpler while meeting all the required standards. Choosing the perfect writer depends on ensuring that their goals align with yours. So, you must have a clear objective in mind, and you must be able to communicate those goals to them.

On the same note, we understand that quality SEO writers can still be hard to come by. So, if you’re looking for the perfect writer for you, why look any further? At One Content Pro, we offer everything related to content creation services. For further details, contact us today for a quote!

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