A Web Content Developer or An Agency: Whom Should You Hire?

whom should you hire; an agency or a web content developer

Working on web content development to build the brand will require teamwork. While content writers generate material with the advertising objectives and target market in mind, web content developers strategically plan the creation and distribution of content. Every type of content the brand uses will have a defined purpose rather than randomly picking topics. Many companies neglect to realize the value of a coordinated strategy while creating original content. Additionally, to not clearly define a strategy for selling its services, the contents are also not consistently updated.

Customer engagement declines eventually, and the audience has a tougher time understanding the message the company is trying to get over. However, the goal of a brand’s marketing strategy will be communicated in a clearer, more straightforward way when content generation becomes an integrated workforce with content writing and development as its basic base. When this occurs, brands will have better success conforming to consumer needs and standing out from rivals.

Content Writers VS Web Content Developers

  • Content Writers

According to the company’s goals, content writers develop original content, whether it’s to promote items or disseminate knowledge about the services being provided. Advertisements, articles, blogs, landing page content, newsletters, press releases, product descriptions, and reviews are all examples of written content for digital marketing. Writing can cover a wide range of themes; thus, following SEO best practices is essential to generating more pertinent written outputs. Combining strong Social Media familiarity with content creation is an efficient way for a company to reach a larger audience if it wants to increase the size of its consumer base.

  • Web Content Developers

Content development’s primary goals are increasing communication, supporting marketing activities, and audience interaction. What is a web content developer? The people in charge of organizing and scheduling the kinds of materials that a company will produce are known as web content developers. By creating content, you can make sure that every piece of material you publish highlights your brand and the target market it is targeting. A web content developer’s responsibility extends beyond only producing textual materials. It covers additional types of material used in digital marketing, including podcasts, photos, and static web copy. As a result, content developers must have experience with programming, software development, copywriting, and quality assurance.

Responsibilities of A Web Content Developer

responsibilities of a web content developer

Creating content entails a variety of tasks and responsibilities. The following list of the most typical tasks and obligations was created after we carefully examined dozens of job descriptions for content developers.

1. Develop content strategies

Even though a web content developer often reports to the marketing or communications director, they are in charge of creating content objectives and the plans to achieve them. They must present their plan to the company’s decision-makers to receive the go-ahead.

2. Create and manage content

The main responsibility of a web content developer is to produce content. Sales copy, blog posts, presentations, animations, web graphics, videos, and social media content can all be included in this content. To determine when and how content will be released, the content developer must also create an editorial calendar.

3. Collaborations for content creation

Web content developers don’t often work alone. They combine the ideas of a bigger group of marketers, industry professionals, and decision-makers. For good content, a content developer needs to be able to communicate with a wide range of individuals.

4. Determine content effectiveness

The ultimate objective of the content is to increase sales for a firm. To ensure that content works as planned, the content developer is an Analytics Addict who obsesses over key performance metrics.

5. Content quality assurance

This task needs fine attention to detail and exceptional problem-solving abilities. Before the material is displayed to users, web content developers go through the content to ensure high quality.

Hiring A Content Agency

hiring a content agency

It is logical to presume that there are more content agencies now than there were previously. High-quality content has always been required, and a quick internet search for “online content writing services” will yield hundreds of results. These days, companies offering content writing services range from three-person firms to full-stack corporations with hundreds of staff juggling numerous tasks.

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  • Pros

Expertise: Professional online content writers with expertise in at least one or more types of digital content, such as video scripts, advertising, sponsored articles, etc., make up content companies. This indicates a considerable likelihood of discovering a specialist in the field you require. Hire a company that works with local content writers and translators if you require material for a certain geographic area so that it can be tailored. Along with experience, agencies frequently have access to premium stock photos, data analytics tools, and paid content creation and marketing tools.

Scope of Services: Agencies may serve as your one-stop shop for your content needs if you require extra services in addition to content development. These could include marketing strategy, graphic design, animation, videography, and social media. If you don’t have a tight budget, an agency could be able to speed up and improve the implementation of your content marketing strategy. But if not handled properly, several agency employees’ participation in projects might quickly discourage innovation and teamwork.

  • Cons

Cost: Employing a freelance writer is always lower than using an agency for website content services. This is typically brought on by the agency’s high overhead costs, which are charged to clients as part of the fee. Most organizations charge a monthly fee. Depending on your understanding of your audience and marketing tactics, you might not require assistance with content strategies or advice. Some companies might accept writing tasks, while others might not be able to work with you if your proposal does not have a strategy component. Additionally, these organizations typically run out of rental spaces.

Lack of Control & Flexibility: Hiring an agency has several drawbacks, one of which is that you won’t have any control over whom you deal with. Depending on the size of your job, the content agency will randomly appoint a writer to work on your project. For instance, you might be given a writer with more experience if you have a large project with an excessive budget. On the other hand, a novice writer is more likely to receive a low-budget assignment.

An agency will be less likely to complete work outside the scope of their contracts once you’ve paid them unless you give them extra money. Despite the fact that you might direct their work on your project, articulating your expectations takes significantly longer.

Priority Level: A content agency is inundated with several writing assignments, and even though they are overloaded with work, they typically won’t turn down a client. However, they only have a few authors to handle these jobs. In these situations, the content writers are under pressure to deliver results quickly, reducing the quality of their work. Additionally, agencies give priority to clients who make large payments.

Hiring A Web Content Developer

Finding and hiring a web content developer is simpler and less expensive. Since they serve a variety of clients, they have more exposure, which implies they are skilled in their specialized fields. Because of the specific knowledge of content writers, a startup can complete its work in a much better organized and creative manner.

  • Pros

Cost-effective: The cost of engaging a content firm is significantly more than hiring individual content writers for website content. Content writers bill on a project- or hourly basis rather than expecting a full-time paycheck. You can frequently directly negotiate the price when working with a website content writer is one of the best aspects of doing so.

Flexibility: Because web content developers are available to work on your projects worldwide, hiring them enables you to acquire online content services at odd hours. Additionally, they frequently accommodate last-minute modifications and respond quickly to inquiries.

Niche expertise: The web content developers employed by a platform are primarily experts in a certain field. Unlike an agency where writers are jacks of all trades and masters of none, you can select a writer depending on your desired niche.

  • Cons

Hiring Process: It could appear that hiring a content writer takes a long time because there are hundreds of thousands of alternatives. However, this is only true if you search for a writer on a public platform or marketplace that allows independent contractors to bid and submit a deluge of bids in response to your project advertising.

Limited Resources: Web content developers frequently work on a tight budget and only purchase the equipment and software essential to their field of expertise. For instance, a blogger is unlikely to pay for an expensive monthly subscription to cutting-edge design software. On the other hand, a visual designer wouldn’t require SEO tools.

Final Verdict

Your content needs will determine whether you hire a content writing agency or an individual web content developer. Working with an agency might be wise if you’re ready to spend much money on content production and don’t require it to reflect your company’s unique voice. Hiring web content developers for your website may be your best option if you require high volumes of tailored material on a tight budget. However, expanding freelance content writers suggests that content agencies struggle to retain clients.

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