7 Tips for Creating Better-Ranked Blogs

Writing a blog article isn’t as simple as it may appear. It can be difficult to come up with words, especially when you have to write about an unfamiliar topic. This is worsened by looming deadlines and continual adjustments and revisions.

That being stated, you don’t need to be concerned about how long it takes you to type 2000 words. In the blog that follows, we’ll go over all of the secrets of learning how to write a blog post fast, as well as some tips for creating your own blog post. Continue reading to find out more.

Blog Post vs. Article

Before we get into tips for creating your blog post, we need to first understand the difference between blog posts vs. articles. The following are a few of the vital distinctions.

1. Tone

Tone is very important when it comes to writing any piece, be it a blog post or an article. Blog posts can be thought of as a less formal alternative to articles. Writers of blog entries are supposed to engage in a casual, one-sided discussion with their readers. Articles, on the other hand, are opposites in that they are professional, discursive, and formal.

2. Word Count

When comparing blog posts vs. articles, however, blogs typically start with around 300 words and rarely exceed 2000, whereas articles are well-researched with reasoned arguments, as they are meant to contain all the necessary evidence and information. They can reach up to 5000 words or more, and they aren’t intended for a casual reader.

Blog postings are considered to be shorter than articles as a rule of thumb. But the exact length is up to debate for the SEO topic.

3. Engagement

You must keep in mind that blogs are designed to be shared and discussed. Their punchy, subjective, and quick style encourages readers to offer comments and inquiries if needed, resulting in additional media shares.

Articles, in contrast, are rarely discussed. You probably don’t read articles very often unless you’re in a technical or intellectual circle. As a result, the researcher must ensure that their work and logic are sound. Only professionals with the incentive to examine the content would be able to engage with it.

7 Tips for Creating a Blog Post

Tips for Creating a Blog Post

After understanding these differences, you need the answer to how long it’d take you to type 2000 words. If it takes longer than you’d expect, you should begin learning how to type fast and efficiently. We’ve gathered a few tips for creating a blog post below, so you can write better-ranking content.

1. Headlines

Headlines will always be the first thing you notice in a blog. It’s what helps reel your audience in. Without a compelling headline, there’s a good chance your blog post won’t be shared or read.

The reality is that people would always judge a book by its cover. Hence, if you want to make an impression, a good tip for creating a blog post is to go all out, starting from the headline.

2. Redefining Topics for SEO Research

If you work for a firm and have a blog topic in mind, it’s important to think about how SEO-friendly it is. In today’s writing world, blogs are always written with SEO in mind, so they meet SEO standards. Otherwise, they’d just get lost in the sea of search results.

As a result, as a tip for writing blog posts, you should always choose a direction for your writing. You need to figure out the probability of its success on a search engine’s result pages. This can only be done by conducting keyword research and figuring out the most relevant queries for your post.

This research can be done for free using tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Answer the Public, or UberSuggest. Or, you could even upgrade for a subscription to more advanced tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs.

3. Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

If you want to learn how to write a blog post fast, you must first grasp the subject matter. A skilled writer would always know how long it’d take to type 2000 words. This is because they are familiar with the subject matter or topic they’re assigned.

The same is true when it comes to figuring out who you’re writing this blog post for. You need to question what the readers are looking to know about and what should resonate with them; this is a key aspect of Social Media Marketing as well.

Specifically, a tip for creating a blog post is to consider your buyers’ personas. Evaluate your audience’s interest when coming up with a topic. For example, if your target readers are primarily millennials looking to start a business, you wouldn’t need to provide as much information about setting up social media accounts. Most youngsters would already have that figured out.

4. Making an Outline

If you want to know how to write blog posts fast, the best way is to organize your thoughts better. An outline would help describe everything your content must contain and is one of the key tips for creating your blog post. It ensures that your blog has a strong foundation that you can build upon while writing. It also helps organize subheadings, allowing for bite-sized sections of content that are easier to read and write.

5. Getting your Readers Hooked

Sometimes it isn’t just about knowing how long it takes you to type 2000 words. An efficient writer would know how to grab a reader’s attention with as few words as possible, right from the beginning of their blog. Also, as general SEO advice, a good tip for creating a blog post would be to always use one or two keywords at the very start.

6. Longer is Usually Better

Though blogs are shorter than articles, a tip for creating blog posts would still be to keep a 2000-word average. This is just for SEO purposes and would help rank your content better.

Similarly, it might also be time to consider how long it takes you to write 2000 words. If your time is over 3 hours, you may need to take courses or undergo practice to learn how to write blog posts faster. This would influence better content rankings, as the Google SERP is determined by the content a page has.

7. Fact-checking

The best writers are always the most accurate. No matter how close you are to your deadline, a valuable tip for creating blog posts is to always fact-check your content. We understand that you may not be well-versed in the topic you’re writing about, but that’s more reason to create accurate content.

There’s no room for mistakes, especially when you’re risking an entire company’s reputation. Plus, it’s also considered lazy journalism and doesn’t reflect well on the writer.

The Bottom Line

Writing a blog is usually a difficult task, to begin with. However, with experience and by following tips for creating blog posts, you’re will be able to improve. Progress is inevitable; it only depends on how long you’re willing to commit to practice.

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