A Guide on How to Become an Ace Professional Writer

A Guide on How to Become an Ace Professional Writer

Have you ever found yourself filling a cart on an online shop and spending a month’s salary in mere minutes just because you were spellbound by a catchy phrase from their promotional social media post? That’s how a good professional writer can attract and transform the audience from potential customers to regular clients. Have you ever wondered how to become a professional writer? If so, this article is the perfect place to begin your research.

Who is A Professional Writer?

Who can become a professional writer has been a vexing question for a long time. With the emerging industry of freelance businesses, many are exploring the world of content writing. A writer working in a professional capacity for a brand to document its virtual and physical presence is a professional writer. The method of writing, however, depends totally on the type of market and audience a writer is targeting. An excellent professional writer will always try to hone his existing skills while learning new ones to foster success.

How to Become A Writer Without A Degree?

How to Become A Writer Without A Degree?

People often say you need a degree in language, journalism, or mass communication to become a good professional writer. Believe us; it is not necessary at all. There is no need to spend hundreds and thousands to earn a degree to become a professional writer. You can develop and refine your writing skill without it. Take up freelance gigs, and develop a habit of reading daily. And if someone tells you otherwise, make them understand that you can opt for this profession in a much more effective and budget-friendly way rather than spending years and money on getting a piece of paper.

Prerequisites for A Professional Writer

You may often think about how to become a professional writer or what the essentials are. Maybe a brewing cup of coffee, a workstation overseeing nature through a big window, and a fancy gadget. Well, you do not need any of this because a pen and paper may suffice, and what you need to do is read, Read, READ and start practicing writing. The only prerequisite for a professional writer is their ability to reflect on everything around them, connect with the readers, engage the audience, and attract an influx of customers just by using words.

Business Marketing and Professional Writing

Business Marketing and Professional Writing

A business can only be promoted successfully if you have plenty of content in the form of advertisements, blogs, social media copy, website content, and so much more. For this tailored content, professional writers are the most sought-after persons by emerging and established businesses. Creating original content may be a rarity, but it can draw an unexplored chunk of the audience to make the brand vocal in the chaos of market competition. Professional writers help streamline and revamp the brand by creating SEO-relevant content for better ranking and attracting traffic to the platform.

Tips to Become A Good Professional Writer

To refine your writing skills and grow as a professional, you need to learn constantly. There are no defined rules to becoming a professional writer, but some proven tips and tricks can be adopted to build your way upward as a professional writer.

1. Maintain a Writing Routine

If you have worked tirelessly on your dissertation or helped a friend with his essay, it does not mean that you love writing. To become the best professional writer, you need to love doing it. To excel in writing, you need to make time for it, establish a routine, and make it your top priority to practice writing daily. The writing routine will help you overcome writer’s block, and you will improve in both diction and vocabulary. Do not make it overwhelming. Choose some trending topics and break them down into manageable bits. Try and identify the ideal time of the day when you find quiet and calm with maximum productivity.

2. Maintain A Portfolio

Maintaining a portfolio is the fundamental principle for any professional writer.  Post your work on public social media outlets like LinkedIn and Twitter. Potential recruiters may come across your work through these platforms. You may also design your website by purchasing a domain of your choice from platforms like GoDaddy. If it seems like a hassle, upload your work on free portfolio sites like Clippings. Do not forget to keep a backup of your work on Cloud or Drive.

3. Include Writing Tools for Improvement

There is no shame in equipping yourself with writing tools because many professional writers use them too. Tools like Grammarly, Google Docs, and Pro Writing Aid can make your content better by removing errors and grammatical mistakes. Miro helps in creating a draft and sketching an outline to define the write-up. There are other tools to smoothly edit the text, like Hemingway Editor. These corrections and editing tools improve the quality of content and help you become more proficient.

4. Narrow Down Your Writing Interest

Professional writing has so many approaches to explore from. You can try out as many avenues as you want until you find the one that interests you. You may have an aptitude for journalism or invested your childhood in reading newspaper columns. There is no need to stress because you can transform your interest in a monetary skill by opting for it as professional writing. It is entirely up to you to choose from alternate writing types. We have explained some of them below:

  • Medical Writing: content related to healthcare, diagnosis, and scientific research
  • Content Writing: content for promotion and marketing of brands
  • Blog Writing: content for blog entries and articles for brands
  • Script Writing: content for an advertisement, play, or a digital audio-visual campaign
  • Ghost Writing: promotional content to promote a person or a business on their behalf
  • Column Writing: opinionated content related to current affairs

5. Take Freelance Writing Gigs

There are multiple freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork for you to explore and find work on. The best thing is that you can improve your professional writing skills and expertise by working remotely. Many amateur writers have become professional writers after months and years of freelance work and exposure.


To become a professional writer, you need to work hard. But the hustle will be worth it in the end. The key is to be consistent in writing and not skip the developmental routine. You may have heard that practice makes you perfect, but we at One Content Pro believe in ‘Practice Makes Improvement.’ This is why One Content Pro strongly favors hiring a good content writing team to boost your business two steps further than the rest. Multiple professional writers at One Content Pro have expertise in different categories with guaranteed organic content that can help you promote your brand like none other.