90+ power words for sales pitches to grab customer attention

A written or verbal attempt to persuade clients to purchase your good or service is known as a sales pitch. Before meeting with your customer, it’s a good idea to have your sales pitch polished and ready to go. When you phone or meet with a customer, they will hear your opening statement, which serves as your verbal business card. Copywriting is all about using power words for sales pitches to motivate readers to act. Even though the dictionary contains many words, it can be difficult to develop simple, potent, non-repetitive words and phrases that resonate with your audience.

Every business owner is looking for those magic bullet strategies that will make the copy in your email newsletters, website pages, and other materials profitable. It doesn’t operate that way. To create a marketing material bridge between consumers and customers, certain tenets—like quality and trust—must be woven through the heart of all your content. The good news is that while establishing trust through branded content, SEO strategies, online personas, social media postings, website and landing page copy, and other methods, your word choice will serve as your first defense.

Power Words for Sales

In my opinion, the hardest aspect of a pitch is the start. For your prospect to be interested in hearing about the benefits of your product and how it may benefit their business, you must first capture their attention. The prospect must first be captured before you can explain the product’s value.

Copywriting is all about using words to motivate readers to act. Even though the dictionary contains many words, it cannot be easy to develop real, potent, non-repetitive words and phrases that resonate with your audience. This manual provides you with a list of power words for sales pitches to use as a basis for creating reliable text that will:

  1. Reduce Risk and Uncertainty
  2. Build Trust and Curiosity
  3. Communicate with the Audience
  4. Create Growth and Benefits

If you need help with copy for an ad, email, landing page, elevator pitch, etc., think of this as your go-to resource. You should incorporate the following crucial components within your pitch’s opening.

  • Begin with the issue. Always begin with the issue. They won’t be receptive to hearing your product is a solution unless they know the problem you can fix.
  • Adapt the pitch’s opening to their vertical. Nobody wants to hear a generic sales speech that any company could use. To customize the pitch right away, do some research about their vertical.
  • Present stakes. What do they stand to lose if they don’t use your solution to fix the issue? Although you don’t have to say it out loud, mentioning the risks at the beginning of your pitch can help you get buy-in immediately.

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Power Words for Sales to Reduce Risk

Customers will feel more at ease choosing to do business with you if their perception of risk is reduced. Use language in your marketing material to assure customers won’t lose money or be locked into a lengthy contract. Here, the objective is a sense of predictability or expectations. Power words for sales pitches in this category include:

  1. Money-back guarantee
  2. You can unsubscribe at any time
  3. No purchase obligation
  4. Free returns
  5. Cancellation anytime
  6. Full refunds
  7. Talk to the representative
  8. Book a demo
  9. Free trial
  10. We won’t flood your inbox

It’s important to note that the terminology used here is simple, customer-friendly language rather than complex jargon. Most of the time, you should have a website that explains your guarantee and return policies and how they function so buyers can be sure there are no hidden fees. Naturally, don’t provide something you can’t guarantee or fully describe.

Power Words in Sales to Reduce Uncertainty

Uncertainness is one of the largest obstacles to entry for each conversion step you’re trying to convince your clients to do within your funnel. Building brand recognition is the first step in minimizing uncertainty since the more familiar a consumer is with your brand, the more likely they are to trust it and get to know you. Their transition from browser to customer will be more seamless the more they are aware of your brand. Here are some power words for sales pitches that stand out on your website and encourage website visitors to learn more about your company and engage with it further:

  1. Free one-month trial
  2. No hidden charges
  3. Check the sample
  4. Experience yourself
  5. Money-back guarantee
  6. Risk-free

Sales Buzz Words to Build Trust

sales buzz words to build trust

When creating great marketing copy, lowering ambiguity is merely the first step in the process. Additionally, you need to develop trust. To give your clients greater motivation to stay engaged with you, use the following power words for sales pitches:

  1. Check out our testimonials
  2. Check out our reviews
  3. View our resource library
  4. Check the FAQs
  5. Live chat option

Power Words in Sales that Invite Purchasing

People need to be able to picture how your goods or services would improve their life. However, the emphasis should be on the value your clients will receive from it and how simple it is for them to obtain, not on your product or service.

  1. Sign up today to get this benefit
  2. Our business will help you achieve this
  3. You don’t have anything to lose
  4. Give us a chance
  5. We will tell you how this will benefit your brand
  6. Once-in-a-lifetime offer
  7. This an offer you cannot ignore
  8. A bargain you cannot beat
  9. See the results for yourself
  10. Become our customer to achieve growth

Power Words for Sales that Encourage Urgency

A limited-time sales campaign is a terrific approach to compel customers to act. Use the following power words for sales pitches in your subsequent time-limited offer:

  1. Download it today
  2. This offer is for a limited time
  3. Save yourself a spot
  4. Save your seat
  5. Sale ends at (day/date)
  6. Hurry up before the time runs out
  7. Purchase before the offer ends
  8. This is the last chance
  9. You don’t want to miss this offer
  10. Avail the offer while it’s hot
  11. This offer will end soon
  12. Call us today
  13. Chat now
  14. (time/days) left to avail of this offer
  15. Sale ends soon

Power Words for Sales to Spark Curiosity

power words for sales to spark curiosity

Copywriting aims to inspire clients to interact with you on various levels. The objective is to pique their interest enough to take the next step, whether you’re utilizing words to increase email signups, blog traffic, or website conversions. And one more step. Here are some powerful words for sales pitches to pique interest and encourage participation.

  1. Insider
  2. What will happen if…
  3. Learn how to
  4. Learn more
  5. Do you know?
  6. Discover with us
  7. Imagine
  8. Uncover
  9. Unveil the mystery
  10. Get exclusive access
  11. Unlock
  12. Click on the link to find out
  13. Check the article to learn more
  14. See for yourself
  15. See why

Being clear is important in this situation. Additionally, follow through on your pledge. Make the value or main takeaway obvious before inviting your audience to arrive there with your company’s assistance truly.

Power Words for Sales to Connect with the Audience

Gaining and maintaining a client’s business depends greatly on relating to them personally. Think about the issues, objectives, difficulties, and ideal circumstances your target audience faces. In your website, advertising emails, landing page text, and other writing, describing these pain spots and desires will show your readers that you truly understand them, can empathize with them, and may even be the solution to their problems. As a beginning point for this strategy, try using the following sales buzzwords:

  1. At last
  2. Finally
  3. Are you tired?
  4. We know what you feel
  5. We have got your back
  6. We have got this for you
  7. You can rely on us
  8. Discover with us
  9. Experience with us
  10. Does this look familiar?

The bridge-after-bridge method, the third of five efficient copywriting formulae we explore in this piece, is the basic strategy behind these words.

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Power Words for Sales to Communicate Value

Using the appropriate words will make the difference between marketing slogans that succeed and those that fail because the language has such power. Remember that just because a word or phrase works well for one ad doesn’t necessarily indicate it will work well for all campaigns. As always, use strategy and A/B testing to ensure you’re effectively employing these emotive marketing buzzwords and power words for sales pitches:

  1. Premium
  2. Exclusive
  3. Value for money
  4. Best Value
  5. Efficient
  6. Top quality
  7. Top-notch
  8. Secure
  9. Confidential
  10. New and improved
  11. One-of-a-kind
  12. Safest
  13. Customized
  14. Tailored
  15. Best out there

Keep in mind that they are initially more general expressions of value. Consider what is most valuable to customers in your niche: is it handmade? Eco-friendly? On-demand? Locally-sourced? The better, the more specific.

Power Words for Sales to Create Growth & Benefits

Are you tired of describing the advantages your company will provide in the same way repeatedly? Consider these power words for sales pitches:

  1. Improve
  2. Boost
  3. Enhance
  4. Amplify
  5. Learn
  6. Achieve
  7. Grow
  8. Fruitful
  9. Prosper
  10. Reap the benefits


Using the appropriate words will make the difference between marketing slogans that succeed and those that fail because the language has such power. Remember that just because a word or phrase works well for one ad doesn’t necessarily indicate it will work well for all campaigns. As always, use strategy and A/B testing to ensure you’re effectively employing these emotive marketing buzzwords. Looking for a marketing team to launch your brand or product with catchy social media and advertising copy? Contact us now! At One Content Pro, we provide premium marketing content services for better sales pitches like Brochure Writing, Newsletter Writing, Press Release Writing, Facebook Posts, and much more.

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