40+ catchy ideas for mental health blog topics in 2022

Are you looking to start a new blog in the summer? Do you want new trendy ideas for mental health blog topics but have writer’s block? Do not worry; we have got you covered! At One Content Pro, we understand that coming up with blog topics on your own can be difficult and time-consuming. And let’s be honest, nobody has got that time on their hands in this fast-moving world.

We provide you with blog topics for mental health based on real-life experiences, which are bound to get readers who can relate. This way, your blog is likely to reach an audience it was meant for. Additionally, we offer proven tips and strategies for finding the right topic for those who want to come up with their mental health blog topics.

50 Mental Health Blog Topics Ideas

The right blog topics for mental health will not just make your blog better than the rest, but also aim to cater to the growing concerns regarding mental health. While mental health issues have existed forever, the importance of talking about them in our casual lives was only understood following the global COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that lists are the best way to curate one’s search query so here are a few ideas for mental health blog topics:

  1. Best Ways You Can Deal With Anxiety
  2. Looking After Your Mental Health Post-Pandemic
  3. Post-Partum Depression and How To Recover From It
  4. Mental Health – Talking With People Can Help
  5. How To Start Your Own Mental Health Blog
  6. Dealing With Anger Management Issues
  7. Finding The Right Therapist For Yourself
  8. How To Keep Tabs on Your Mental Health Like an Expert
  9. How Not To Worry About Your Mental Health
  10. Does Keeping a Bullet Journal Improve Mental Health
  11. Are Group Sessions Good For Your Mental Health
  12. Gratitude Journals and Mental Health
  13. Best Paperback and eBooks About Mental Health
  14. How Establishing Healthy Relationship With Yourself Improves Mental Health
  15. Effective Meditation to Boost Mental Health
  16. Improving Self-esteem
  17. Recovering From Childhood Trauma
  18. Online Suicide Helplines and Portals For Those Struggling With Mental Health Issues
  19. How Can You Raise Mental Health Awareness – Starting Small
  20. How Safe Spaces Contribute to Improving Mental Health
  21. Adopting a Self-Care Routine To Improve Your Mental Health
  22. How Not Setting Boundaries Leads to a Compromised Mental Health
  23. Dealing With a Burnout at Medical School
  24. Dealing With a Burnout at Law School
  25. Mental Health Related Side Effects of Medications and How To Deal With Them

50 mental health blog topics ideas

Adding blogs to your business often plays a major role in catching the viewer’s eye. If you are looking to start a business or firm related to therapy work, the following mental health blog topics might help you kick-start your project.

Looking to grow your digital audience?

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  1. Best Podcasts You Can Listen to For Your Mental Health
  2. Reasons Why You Should Seek Therapy
  3. TED Talks Which Smash The Stigma Around Mental Health And Seeking Help
  4. Maintaining a Good Mental Health For Stay-at-Home Moms (or Dads)
  5. A Guide To Start Your Mental Health Blog
  6. 10 Insensitive Jokes To Not Make About Mental Health
  7. 7 Tips To Beat Anxiety
  8. Top Mental Health Blogs That You Will Enjoy Reading
  9. Best Ways To Assess Your Feelings and Emotions
  10. 20 Things You Can Do To Relax
  11. 10 Ways to Avoid An Onset Of Panic Attack
  12. Smashing The Stigma Around Discussions Of Mental Health
  13. 5 Signs Someone You Know Is Struggling From Mental Health
  14. Things To Say To Someone Going Through A Mental Health Crisis
  15. 18 Facts You Should Know About Mental Health
  16. Ways in Which You Can Boost Your Mental Health
  17. Importance of Self-Love in Improving Your Mental Health
  18. 50 Effective Tips to Deal With Grief
  19. Healthy Coping Mechanisms For When You Feel Like You Have Lost Everything
  20. How To Set Goals Amidst A Mental Health Crisis
  21. 10 Bad Habits That Are Affecting Your Mental Health
  22. Tips To Manage Your Deteriorating Mental Health
  23. Four Types of Mental Health
  24. Difference Between Anxiety and Depression
  25. 20 Personal Health Issues Which Affect Your Mental Health

Blog Post Type for Content Creation

Blog posts are a great way for the writer or website manager to share a portion of their knowledge or insight with a wide range of audiences. In the post-pandemic world, where isolation had a large impact on more than half of the world’s population, now is the best time to destigmatize the topic of mental health. Many people around the world have started to work for this cause.

There are many ways to put your blog posts out there for people to see and learn from. You could make use of either one, or a combination of all of them to interact with your audience in a better way. Try incorporating the following tips in your content strategy to boost your reach.

Experimenting with different blog post ideas allows you to figure out the best way to sell your business and make a positive impact by promoting mental health awareness.

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Finding Content Ideas for Mental Health Blog Topics

finding content ideas for mental health blog topics

Your mental health blog topics should not just be unique but also catchy enough to motivate the reader to click on them. Since you must be spending hours or days working on your mental health blog, it is not a good sight to see the article not perform well once it is put up. The following tips will give you a broader sense of ideas for mental health blog topics.

Google Autocomplete

The Google search engine is completely free, with its algorithm programmed in a way to show you the frequently asked questions once you enter a word in the search bar. For example, if you were to search mental health, Google offers you autocomplete options, such as mental health issues, mental health awareness, mental health quotes, etc.

Competitive Websites

It is okay to get your mental health blog topic ideas from your competitor’s website. As long as your content is original and not plagiarized, you are good to go. Read up on other mental health websites and find new ideas for your mental health blog topics.

Google Search Console

Google search console is yet another free way to see what your audience searches for the most. It categorizes the audience queries according to the most clicks on a specific link or title. This will allow you to incorporate those titles in your writing to increase your reach.


It is completely normal for you to come up with a blog topic related to mental health but be unable to pen your ideas down. This is where our content creators at One Content Pro come in handy. We offer research-based writing, which guarantees 100% client satisfaction. Our services include webpage content, SEO content writing, business writing, and much more! Head onto our website now and start a live chat with one of our digital creators.

Develop your content with One Content Pro

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