Learn About How To Write A Eulogy For A Friend With Examples

Many believe that eulogies have to be perfect, but you do not have to be an orator to give one, nor does it have to be flawless. When you are writing a eulogy for a friend, just make it heartfelt and meaningful.

The basic rules of writing a eulogy for a friend are to add a little introduction, give a little snippet about your friendship, mention and acknowledge the family of the deceased and then add a little elevating and fitting conclusion. This applies whether you are giving a short one or are the person chosen to give a lengthy eulogy.

How to Write a Eulogy for a Friend

To help you, in this blog, we have gathered some touching tributes that you can use as ‘eulogy for friend’ examples.

1. Honor Who they Were

If you lost a friend who worked in a demanding field then mention their selflessness and how they have impacted you. An example would be a frontline worker during the pandemic. If your friend was a frontline worker, then your eulogy can talk about their selflessness affected you.

‘[Name] was the type of person who would always step up for others, who needed it. Their kindness was one of their most noticeable traits, so it came as no surprise that they joined their field. They had always been the ones to put themselves on the line for the safety of others, and in the end, gave their lives so others can live.’

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2. Mention their Impact on You

Writing a eulogy for a friend is already difficult, but writing one for a friend you grew up with is harder. If you have recently lost a lifelong friend, then this might be able to help you draft an outline where you mention how your friendship grew and impacted you.

‘[Name] had been a brother to me my whole life. We grew up together in the same neighborhood. Our mothers were friends before us so it was destined for us to be the same. Losing him is like not only losing a friend, but a brother, a confidant, and my closest companion. I do not know what life will be like without him, but I know as long as his memory is alive, in a way, he will be too.’

3. Talk About How you Met

Losing your best friend is painful, but honoring them through a eulogy helps alleviate a bit of that pain. Here is an example of a touching eulogy for a friend, so you can use this as a way to write your introduction.

‘I had always resisted the idea of friendship because I moved a lot as a child. When I met [Name] it was during seventh grade. I remember they came to me, extending a hand of friendship which I declined because I would move away. Their response was to tell me it doesn’t matter because we would always be friends. There were no barriers in our friendship, from that day, I believed that there is no distance too far for friendship.’

4. Keep it Uplifting

Death is hard, especially if it is at a young age. So, when writing a eulogy for a friend who died before their time, keep it hopeful and uplifting for those attending, similar to this example.

‘Though [Name] has been gone for some time, now, I still feel the pain of their absence. Some days are harder than others, but I remind myself that every milestone I accomplish is with them in my memories, and I’d like to believe that they are helping me somehow.’

5. Mention How the Relationship Blossomed

Mention How the Relationship Blossomed

A relationship doesn’t need a long time to thrive, in some cases, for example, a work friendship can bloom in a few months. If you want an example of a touching eulogy for a friend you worked with, then talk about what they meant for you at a professional and personal level.

‘I recently spoke to [Name]’s partner and found out that they looked forward to seeing us in the office every day. At first, when I met them, I was hesitant, but slowly, their warmth and caring nature helped pull me out of my shell and we became close even after I switched departments. I know a lot of others feel much the same way’

6. Talk about What they Did For you and Others

You can talk about how they were with you and others, and what made them special. So, take some inspiration from the example below to make it easier.

‘I shall always miss [Name]. They were an incredible presence in our little group. They always had time for anyone who was upset, had the best jokes, and always made it a point to text or call to ask how we were doing. They were the type of friends who would be there with tea and cake in difficult times; like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.’

7. Mention How Your Friend Helped You

Mentioning how your friend helped through various stages of your life, for example, a hostel or sorority, will help make your delivery more personal. If you’re looking for help in writing a touching eulogy for a friend from your school or sorority, then have a look here.

‘If anyone needed help, whether it was for a test, a date, or tips about hair or make-up, [Name] was always there. She was an uplifting presence in the sorority house. She motivated and inspired anyone having a hard time and always made us believe in ourselves, even if we had trouble doing so ourselves.’

8. Keep the Audience in Mind

Sudden death is even more heartbreaking. If you have been tasked with writing a eulogy for a friend who died unexpectedly, then make sure you keep the audience and their feelings in mind too. There is a high chance that they are in shock, so keeping it simple and uplifting is the best choice. An example would be the one below.

‘We will honor [Name] today, who was taken away from us far too quickly. Though their time here was short, they will always be remembered for their joyful and uplifting spirit and the kindest personality I have ever witnessed.’

9. Keep a Hopeful Theme

If the death is not surprising and the person was ill, then focus a little on your friend’s fight before they passed. For example, terminal illness is one of the most painful ways of losing a friend. When writing a eulogy for a friend who lost a battle to illness, make sure you find a theme that promotes hope in those listening. An example would be:

‘[Name] would have liked for all of us to move on and be stronger. Becoming a little stronger every day will help in keeping her vows alive with us, which is what [Name] would have wanted.

10. Talk about their Qualities

There might be times that you have to speak for a friend, who you knew through another. Though you may not have been close, writing a eulogy for a friend of a friend won’t require much. Just ask yourself what reminds you of them and what good memories you have. For example:

‘Though [Name] and I didn’t meet every day, we did every other week, and every moment was filled with fun and laughter. They were an inspiring and happy person who led by example, and always enjoyed everything they were a part of. They faced everything that life threw with a smile’

Honor Your Friend

Honor Your Friend

All you need is a strong bond with the deceased and a good relationship to inspire your eulogy. Though there are touching ‘eulogy for a friend’ examples, there is no hard or fast rule. Write from the heart, or choose one of the best article writing services to help you put your feelings to paper.

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